The comprehensive programme to accompany ART FAIR ZAGREB will offer auctions of works of art, diverse art performances, painting competitions, promotional sales and professional lectures.

ART FAIR ZAGREB, 21st - 24th of october 2021
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We invite you to the ART FAIR ZAGREB art fair, which will be held from October 21-24, 2021 at the Zagreb Fair.

We invite you to the ART FAIR ZAGREB art fair, which will be held from October 21 – 24, 2021 at the Zagreb Fair.

Our association START ART Center for Visual Arts will present itself in a colorful atmosphere of our members’ works. At this year’s Dijana Čović Art Fair, Danijela Novak & Marijana Podgorelec are exhibiting their paintings, photographs and ceramics.

ART FAIR ZAGREB, the largest art fair in Croatia, is a new topic within the AMBIENTA Fair.

The 1st ART FAIR ZAGREB was held from 9-13 October 2019 within the scope of the 46th AMBIENTA Fair in the pavilion 6 at an exhibition space comprising 4,000 m2. The fair presented painters, sculptors and photographers as well as renowned artists and gallerists at more than 130 stands with over 300 artists from 16 countries. It attracted a total of 21,259 visitors.

The rich accompanying programme of ART FAIR ZAGREB featured various art performances, painting competitions, auctions, promotional sales and interesting expert lectures.

An event aimed at bringing together a large number of visitors, art lovers and international and Croatian art dealers as well as becoming the central meeting point, where works of contemporary visual art and antiquities will be presented to the general public, also strives to expand the international and local art markets.

Exhibitors of the International Art Fair - ART FAIR ZAGREB will include artists and galleries from Croatia, Europe and the entire world

Art Director of Art Fair Zagreb is Ante Potočnjak, painter and designer. He is a longtime member of the Croatian Designers’ Association, Likum, the Veterans’ cooperative “Boje sreće (Colours of fortune)” and several other veterans’ and officers’ associations. He is the founder and supporter of many art events and charity exhibitions. He started the First art workshop of the City of Kastav and the Summer workshop of the Island of Krapanj.

Source: HRT Magazin

Regional Diary about Art Fair

“They are mostly female portraits. There is me in each of those pictures. Some are sad, some are happy, some are destructive. I like to paint flowers. I feel like I’m going towards my dreams, towards a more beautiful world” says Dijana Čović, painter, editor of HTV’s news program.